Delhi Public School Kashi

About us

The Spirit of DPS Kashi

Delhi Public School with more than 190 branches all over India and abroad is a name to reckon within the arena of education. It is synonymous with providing holistic education, encouragement in co-curricular activities, a sharp inclination towards sports and also in inculcating a sense of responsibility towards the society. Our school is characterized by the following guidelines: Educating the Heart - Preparing global citizens and agents of social change committed to humanistic values and democratic traditions. Educating the Mind and the Body – provide students with skills to build resilience, manage their emotions, and develop a positive mindset and create a positive learning environment. These are imparted through individualized integrated learning programme in tune with international standards of excellence. Creating a Caring, Learning Environment - Providing joyful, disciplined, secular learning environment led by a talented pool of role model faculty, backed by complementing world class physical infrastructure. Implementing Equal Opportunities - Taking up the challenges of inclusion of the geographically, economically, socially and physically marginalized sections of the rural and urban children, especially the girl child through formal as well as non-formal educational programmes.


Healthy & Serene Environment

Delhi Public School Kashi strives to be a school with a difference-where the emphasis lies not only in garnering academic excellence but to create a stimulating ambience which would usher in the blossoming of body, mind and soul of the child, enabling him/her to culminate into a complete individual. Here efforts are put into making the environment student friendly, where learning becomes a joyous experience. Spacious and airy classrooms with proper furnishing, fully equipped laboratories, well equipped library, and provisions for clear & pure drinking water through waters purifier are provided for. The solitude of the surroundings will sprinkle peace and calm into the lives of the children who would come to study-at DPS Kashi.

We at Delhi Public School Kashi envision our school to be the leading educational institution across the nation. All our efforts are directed towards the all-round holistic development of every individual child. We think of our students as leaders and the school plays integral part of being the facilitator of knowledge, creativity and moral values. The school provides a perfect atmosphere for nurturing talent, cultivating skills and maintaining values of life. DPS is a prestigious Institution in the field of education. Our mission is to make holistic education accessible to the new generation who are the future of our country.